It's not Sex & the City. It's Sex & The Thrifty! 
Welcome to the Cosmopolitan Clique baby! 
This is a place where you can come to find pieces you won't see everyday. Preloved, new, thrifted & vintage pieces that are classic, beautiful and timeless. 
I've grown up in thrift stores. My mother used to take me as a child because we couldn't always afford the latest & greatest. It is this very thing I'm grateful for.
Life will eventually reveal to you that challenges change your life.
I'm grateful to my challenges for changing my perspective
and propelling me into destiny. 
This is a theme we want to celebrate here.
Clothing is great but I've created this wonderland of fashion and all things beautiful to showcase the inner beauty in all of us. 
I pray you enjoy your experience here.
I put my heart & soul into it.
I promise to give you the very best of my vision.
May you forever be empowered in style & clothed in confidence! 

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